AYRS and FIRST Alberta Program Statistics 

Alberta Youth Robotics Society was registered as a Society in Alberta in 2004.  While supporting FIRST robotics programs since 2000, forming as an official society had brought us many strengths and the ability to reach more children all over Alberta.

Proud custodian of FIRST PROGRAMS in Alberta 

Alberta Youth Robotics Society

(non profit, all volunteers)




Competitions held in Alberta – main city is Edmonton, but expanding to Calgary with support from the publicly funded school boards.



FLL has grown over the years in Alberta.  Starting at the Edmonton Space and Science Center, the tournament was moved to Calgary for a few years, then back to Edmonton where it has been hosted every year since.  Edmonton ascertained a Championship level status on the world competition level.

The Edmonton organizing committee has made strong ties with business and professional associations in helping receive sponsorship in funding and “people” time. Major sponsors continue to be NAIT and APEGA.

Calgary currently has over 1000 robotics sets in it’s region;  Edmonton has approximately 1200 sets. – Lot’s of potential for program delivery.



Official tournaments continue in Alberta.  The past few years the tournament has been held in Edmonton.