FLL Program-Specific Information

This is the primary site for providing an integrated presentation of FLL within the context of FIRST. Be sure to check here for curriculum, programming and building links, and information to share with sponsors.
This site provides all in-season communication such as the annual Challenge kickoff, event information, and forum discussions.
A link to FIRST’s Core Values


This Season’s FLL Challenge
Information on this season’s FLL Challenge
Register for this season’s FLL Championship
Coach/Team Resources that may help answer some of your questions


FLL YouTube and Twitter
FLL’s presence on YouTube
FLL’s presence on Twitter


Fundraising Resources
Loads of fundraising ideas
Fundraising ideas and resources.
More fundraising ideas and resources.


Programming and Building Advice
Tufts University Center for Engineering Educational Outreach (CEEO)
LEGO Engineering


LEGO Parts and Support Resources

Purchasing MINDSTORMS®
MINDSTORMS® sets and accessories can be purchased through Spectrum Educational Supplies.
Contact Eric Matheson-Jones, Spectrum Robotics Specialist
1-800-668-0600 x 6059
LEGO Education Division
Unofficial LEGO Marketplace
Partsref: A LEGO Elements Catalog

LEGO Education Tech Support


General Engineering & Career Resources
Lots of links with career information for kids
Created by the National Academy of Engineering
Reviewlab’s Helpful Robotics Guide

Cyber Security
Lots of links on how to stay safe online