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FLL Alberta Program Dates and Events

Have you ever wondered how you get the water you use in your daily life? Whether it’s to brush your teeth, quench your thirst, cook your food, or even take a swim – all of us need water! Does it come from the ground, a river or a lake? How do you make sure it’s safe to drink, and what happens when it goes down a drain? In this season’s HYDRO DYNAMICS Robot Game, we’ll explore these questions and many more, and we’ll get to learn about the amazing engineering used to protect our most precious liquid asset – water!!

This year’s Alberta events will take place in January 2018 in Edmonton.  Spaces are limited so sign up soon!

FLL and Jr.FLL

FLL jrfll

Northern Alberta

  • Location: NAIT Main Campus – Edmonton, Alberta
  • Date: January 20, 2018  (Note:  registration will close December, 2017)
  • Cost: $175 (FLL),   $50 (Jr.FLL)
  • contact: Ania Ossowska  (FLL)
  • contact: Paul Gelinas (Jr.FLL)

FLL Tournament Administration

From time to time during FIRST LEGO League activities or events, participants will be video taped, photographed, or interviewed for possible promotions. These images or quotes may also appear on the FIRST LEGO League website or videos. FLL Tournaments require a paper consent form from each team coach for all team members.